Writing: Collective Bargaining, Frieze 233 (March 2023)

A long essay on the history of UK film collectives and their relation to labour activism and other radical political movements!

You can read it online (1 article/month available free if you aren’t a Frieze subscriber) but the layout is so stunning – including full-page images from Four Corners archive, and amazing film stills and photographs from LUX, Amber Film Collective, Cinema Action, Black Audio Film Collective, Leeds Animation Workshop and more – that you really want to see it in print.

The history of British film collectives is shaped and given meaning by collective action in which filmmaking and protest inform each other as acts of critical liberation and social justice. The Workshop Declaration supported and formalized a groundswell of alternative practices that were already operating far beyond the boundaries of establishment filmmaking; that were, in fact, world-making.