News: T.L.C (Trans-Led/Trans-Loved Cinema) Podcast is Live!

TLC (aka Tender Loving Care for Trans-Led / Trans-Loved Cinema) is a holding space for trans curators, writers and thinkers within cinema exhibition, produced by Inclusive Cinema: an opportunity for the trans community and cis allies to celebrate, learn and share. Supported by delivery partners, writer and activist So Mayer (read their handy guide to good practice for trans-inclusive events) and independent production company Aunt Nell (who offer a great guide to podcasting your live event), TLC aims to help address the historic imbalance of trans representation on screen.

We turned our 2022 TLC fabulous live events into a podcast series, produced by DPF Productions, with more to come. Listen and subscribe via PodBean, or find us wherever you get your pods – or listen here!