Linked individual titles indicate the work is freely available online; linked anthology/magazine titles are print works for purchase.


‘Epithalamium’, fourteenpoems 13, 2024.

‘Palestinian Embroidery (Kettles’ Yard, 19 October 2023)’, Responses to “Forbidden Colors” (1988) by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, ed. Sam Moore, Pilot Press, 2023. 100% of profits go to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

‘Isaac Transaction’, Poetry Review 113.3, Autumn 2023.

‘betweensongs 4, betweensongs 9 & after ward’, Prototype 5, 2023.

bends with the remover to remove‘, bath magg 11, 2023 [scroll down on page for audio recording].

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betweensongs 10‘, Modron 1, 2022.

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boundless‘, Short Fiction, Nov 2023.

‘We Interrupt Our Program: An Exclusive Dispatch from a Film Festival Takeover [transmission facilitated by So Mayer]’, MUBI Notebook 3, 2023.

Questions Asked by the Water‘ (interactive story, co-written with Jenny Chamarette), Something Other, 2023

‘Dune Elegies’, Dinesh Allirajah Short Story Award 2023: Music, shortlist anthology.

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Gracing Pattern: Luke Fowler’s Piobiareachd for Margaret Tait‘, Open City Documentary Festival 2023.

ish‘, What the Water Gave Us, Takeaway Press/Lucy Writers Platform, 2023.

Petite maman: Au revoir l’enfance‘, Criterion Blu-ray release of Petite Maman, May 2023.

On Not Watching Passion‘, Shuddhashar 34: Intimacy, May 2023.

Love Has (No) Laws: Queer Weimar Cinema Across Borders‘,, Spring 2023.

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Reviews & Interviews

The Urgency of the Moment: A Conversation with Lizzie Borden,’ Criterion, 22 April 2024

Breaking Open New Worlds: An Interview with Bishakh Som,’ MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture 10, Special Issue: Feminist Discourse in Comics & Graphic Novels (Spring 2023)