News: A Year of Truth & Dare <3

Well, four months or so since T&D emerged from the primordial soup, and it’s been amazing – two events in London, two in Hastings, plus Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield – with more to come next year (Cardiff, Belfast, watch out!). Being hosted by indie bookstores (and friends’ spare rooms) has been absolutely the rock n roll dream, and so it’s even more dreamy to be on the Book of the Year lists by

*Mohamed (who wrote one of my 2022 faves, You Must Believe in Spring) at Lighthouse Books in Edinburgh

*Sam at Burley Fisher Books in London

Champions Blackwell’s Manchester put Cipher Press’s whole 2023 catalogue behind door 3 of their Advent Calendar 😀

And given that the book starts in a local library and has a story about a sentient library, I’m massively chuffed to be on Leeds Libraries’ Best Reads of 2023!