News: Truth and Dare available now!

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Welcome to the Mayerverse, where possible is everything. TRUTH & DARE is my first short story collection, it’s completely out there, and I can’t wait for you to read it. I’ll post a sample story soon, but for now, here’s the blurb and cover reveal… There’s loads of events coming up: find out if there’s one near you!

Cornish mermaids take to the football pitch to protest warming seas. Trans students in Manchester searching for the perfect dick accidentally warp the fabric of spacetime. England’s worst pogrom comes for York’s particle collider, powered by bread and gender energy. On Bournemouth beach, a storm delivers an ancestor across oceans of time to sire a drowning descendant. The devil stands a drink at London’s famous gay pub, The Black Cap, while Artemis, in the guise of Joan of Arc, roams a life-or-death night in East Sussex.

Remember the Witchcraft Act of 1927, and the refugees that fled via cinema to defend the Republic of Catalunya? Of course not, it’s been written out of history. This is England, (but not?) as we know it.

A queer quantum tour through what was, what is, what could have been and may yet still come to pass, in a collection that braids high-wire believe-it-or-not memoir with cutting-edge science fiction (or is it?) from alternate timelines that vibrate very close to ours. Truth or dare? Both, always.


Book cover with the word TRUTH at the top of the image, and & DARE written upside down at the bottom of the image, in white text on a millennial pink background. Running at a diagonal through the middle of the image is a thick band of turbulent water. At the top left and bottom right corner, swimmers' heads are visible raised above the waves. At the very bottom of the image is the name So Mayer, in red.