Talk: How to Raise a Film, Folkestone Documentary Festival, Friday 21 Oct

Friday 21 Oct, 2pm, Quarterhouse, Folkestone. Register for tickets.

Since 2015, grassroots organisation Raising Films has been a campaign and community for parents and carers working in UK film and television, asking: who gets to do that work? why? and what does that work look like, or what could it look like, when you also have caring responsibilities?

Drawing on examples from award-winning productions, sharing solutions and struggles from their in-depth research, and highlighting the amazing organisations they’ve met along the way, this masterclass with So Mayer offers the hope that we can all raise films, together

By collecting and sharing stories from our community and our international partners in Australia and Ireland, Raising Films has learned a lot about what the media and arts industries are doing to care, where they’re doing things well, and what their community knows they could do better!