Essay: Hasta que lo Esencial sea Visible, Open City Documentary Festival

So Mayer reflects on Si Pudiera Desear Algo (If I Could Wish for Something) (dir. Dora García) as part a series of commissioned texts on new films in this year’s Open City Documentary Festival programme.

“Refer to people as they present themselves to you,” says musician La Bruja de Texcoco, telling us that she is quoting Dr. Elizabeth Montaño, a doctor and trans advocate who was murdered in Mexico City in 2020. In the streets of the city, protestors on the 8M feminist march call for the government to count them properly – meaning the number of femicides in Mexico, including those of trans women such as Montaño – with the words of cult hit “Sin Miedo” (“Without Fear”) by Vivir Quintana.

Read more on Open City, and see the film Sun 11 Sept, ICA.

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